I don't think there's any artist of any value who doesn't doubt what they're doing.

Francis Ford Coppola


The film production company invites talented authors (experience is not necessary) who write good or even unique scripts. Genres: drama, fantasy, adventures.

We are interested in scripts of short-length and full-length feature films, based on love stories (drama), the struggle of the main character with life difficulties, his inner fears and weaknesses and the victory in this struggle, manifestation of strong character and willpower. We think the following aspects are important: characters go through stressful situations, storyline twists unpredictably, secrets and mysteries which the viewers will be able to solve at the end of the film or which will remain secret forever. Of course, evil should be defeated. A wonderful sense of humor and short informative dialogues will become a good decoration of the film.

The viewers should empathize with the fate of main characters, feel their pain, suffering, and most importantly - love them.

Only in that case, the movie shot by your script will be successful, and therefore you will gain moral satisfaction and receive worthy payment. If you are convinced that your script (or idea) meets the requirements described above, send your synopsis (A4) to our editors. 

We will only respond to those authors whose synopses or scripts meet our requirements and which have been approved by our producer. We ask your undertsanding if we are not able to respond to each letter. We will discuss the payment with the authors individually after accepting their movie scripts.

Up to this time, payment information is confidential. For authors! The editorial takes into consideration scripts of short (up to 15 minutes) and full-length feature films (to 90 minutes).

Good luck!


Director of photography

We invite to cooperation director of photography in Lviv, who is able to shoot dynamivally and has experience. Portfolio of candidates is obligatory. Send us your links, please. 

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“I do not always know what I want, but I do know what I don't want.” 


Stanley Kubrick