I don't think there's any artist of any value who doesn't doubt what they're doing.

Francis Ford Coppola

About us

The film production company ZHYTTIA was registered in May 2017. We have created one short "I'm not afraid!". This film was presented at many film festivals in the USA, Canada, Australia and Europe with subtitles in English and French. We are a new production company combining creative and technical solutions. 

The short "I'm not afraid!" is:

Winner of Canadian & International Short Film Fest (Canada, 2017)

Winner of Headline International Film Festival (Canada, 2017)

Semi-finalist of Los Angeles CineFest (USA, 2017)

Semi-finalist of Hollywood Screenings Film Festival (USA, 2018)

Finalist of  Toronto International Nollywood film Festival (Canada, 2018)

Laureate of Move Me Productions Belgium - Film Festival (Belgium, 2018)


Laureate of the CANADA INDEPENDENT FILM FESTIVAL (Canada, 2017)

Laureate of the MedFF International Film Festival (Italy, 2017)

Laureate of Roma Cinema DOC (Italy, 2017)

Laureate of Delhi International Film Festival (India, 2017)

Laureate of Pune Short Film Festival (India, 2018)

Laureate of  The Norwegian International Seagull Shortfilm Festival (Norway, 2018)

Laureate of Rieti & Sabina Film Festival (Italy, 2018)

Laureate of Goddess on the Throne-Hyjnesha ne fron (Republic of Kosovo, 2018)

Laureate of JAHORINA FILM FESTIVAL (Republic of Serbia, 2018)


Dear friends!

We have finished a script of feature-length fiction film "First love"

Genres: romance, adventure

Duration: 90 min

Shooting location: Ukraine (Lviv city)


We have a small, efficient and flexible film crew. The infrastructure in Lviv is favourable. The cost of commercial filming in Ukraine is usually 4-5 times lower than that in the European Union or the United States.


Contact us

The film production company ZHYTTIA

Lviv city, Ukraine



“I do not always know what I want, but I do know what I don't want.” 


Stanley Kubrick