I don't think there's any artist of any value who doesn't doubt what they're doing.

Francis Ford Coppola


Nazar's  parents have transferred him to an elite school. However,  his new classmates decided to bully him. Will the hero be able to stand their ill-treatment? Do his parents know about his trouble? Will his lovely girlfriend help him?

Original title: I'M NOT AFRAID!

Genre: drama

Screenwriter: Bohdan Khomyn

Director: Bohdan Khomyn

Producers: Oleksiy Sheptyshyn, Bohdan Khomyn

Director of photography: Yaroslav Lutsyk

Music: Kai Engel 

Сast: Roman Chemerys, Solomia Markevych,  Daryna Bezkorovayna, Vitaliy Dovbenko, Andrian Dyachushun, Roman Vishnivskij, Ihor Shtypuk, Vira Dyachkova, Lesya Vozna, Оlena Kozak, Ihor Kozak, Galyna Koval

Production: The film production company ZHYTTIA

Duration: 30 min

The short "I'm not afraid" is:

Winner of Canadian & International Short Film Fest (2017)

Winner of the Headline International Film Festival in Canada (2017)

Semi-finalist of Los Angeles CineFest American Film Festival (2017)

Semi-finalist of the American Film Festival Hollywood Screenings Film Festival (2018)

Finalist of the Toronto International Nollywood film Festival (2018)

Laureate of the Belgian Film Festival Move Me Productions Belgium - Film Festival (2018)

Laureate of the Syrian Film Festival STEPS INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL (2017)

Laureate of the Canada INDEPENDENT FILM FESTIVAL (2017)

Laureate of the MedFF International Film Festival (2017)

Laureate of Italian Festival - Roma Cinema DOC (2017)

Laureate of the Indian Film Festival - Delhi International Film Festival (2017)

Laureate of the Indian Film Festival - Pune Short Film Festival (2018)

The Norwegian International Seagull Shortfilm Festival is the winner of the Norwegian Film Festival (2018)

Laureate of the Italian Film Festival Rieti & Sabina Film Festival (2018)

Laureate of the Film Festival Goddess on the Throne-Hyjnesha ne fron (Republic of Kosovo), 2018

Laureate of the JAHORINA FILM FESTIVAL (Republic of Serbia), 2018


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