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Best Movies on Netflix

45,037,125 Netflix accounts have already watched Bird Box — best first seven days ever for a Netflix film!

Of course, many journos, analysts pundits and armchair media experts have espoused skepticism, given that Netflix has never provided any data to judge these numbers against.


That’s compared to what? What was the highest viewed first-week film before that? Did that alleged 45 million subscribers watch the movie all the way through? We’ll never really know given Netflix’s anti-translucent stance.

Now translating this into comparable theatrical data is difficult, though some have speculated broadly, like screenwriter Brian Duffield, that at a rough $9 a pop, 45 million viewers convert into $405 million very approximately. But how many people watched per account? How many people are actually paying for that subscription and not sharing it with other family members? But it does speak to the Netflix model: no splitting costs with theaters, no costly prints struck or shipped across the planet, no major marketing campaigns, at least not to the tune of the mega-expensive TV campaigns usually put on for major releases, very little overheard comparatively, and a whole lot of profit.


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